how to record WhatsApp calls on a smartphone

By | August 3, 2022

Thanks to internet network technology, one can communicate more easily and quickly. Unlike in the past when the internet was not as fast as it is now, one can only communicate via prepaid phone calls or landlines. Nowadays a person can make a phone call or send a message cheaper just because they are connected to the internet.

Long distance communication is very easy to do. Moreover, there are various platforms that provide services to make calls for free. It is enough that the user is connected to the internet and communicates as if there is no space or time limit. One application that provides this service is WhatsApp.

No need to linger, here are the steps you can take to record WhatsApp calls:

1. Please download the Call Recorder Cube ACR application on the Google Play Store or App Store.
2. Then install the application that has been downloaded and open the application
3. After the application is open, on the main page several options for approval of storage access, microphone, and contact list will appear
4. Please give permission to the application. The user automatically agrees to the application to be able to access the device being used
5. After granting the application access permission, click the “Grant Permissions” button at the bottom of the screen
6. Open the WhatsApp application and then contact the contact who will be on the phone 7. When the application is used a button will appear Quick shortcut or Call Recorder Cube ACR pop-up on the center side of the screen
8. When the shortcut appears, tap the microphone icon to start recording voice calls
9. You can also open the Call Recorder Cube ACR application settings, then enable the “Ignore VoIP-Support Check” and “Force in-call mode” options if the application cannot record calling.


Those are the steps you can take to record calls on WhatsApp. However, it should be emphasized that when recording calls, bitcoin mixers there needs to be permission from all parties. Don’t let any unlawful actions occur due to carelessly recording WhatsApp calls. Good luck!