Top 10 best fitness apps 2022

By | July 24, 2022

As much as we all want to stay fit, going to the gym regularly often feels like a burden. Considerably taking time for it can be quite a task. With a pandemic looming, gyms have become one of the places to avoid at all costs. However, shutting gyms does not mean you close the door to fitness on yourself. One can still stay fit while working out at home.

Fitness apps these days help you track your calorie intake and offer workout sessions and mindful exercises to keep you physically active. Having a fitness app on your phone can also give you the push you need to get up from the couch for a while.

If you have not downloaded one already, let’s get you one. Here is our list of top 10 fitness apps you ought to consider:

1. Google Fit

As convenient as Google’s other apps, Google fit is a free fitness app with good features. The app’s design is intuitive and offers a user-friendly interface for a seamless experience. Once you set up your profile on the app, it will improvise suggestions for you. For example, it will start recording your move minutes and heart points. In addition, you can track your number of daily steps and check them against the recommended count for your age, gender, etc.

You can always view your daily, weekly, or monthly activity overview and plan workouts and walks/jogs accordingly. One of the intriguing features of Google fit includes its compatibility with other health and fitness apps.

Availability: iOSAndroid

2. MyFitnessPal

One of the most downloaded fitness apps, My Fitness Pal, always comes through whenever you decide to take up a health goal. The app offers a variety of exercise sessions, including several cardio ones. Each workout session is tailored to meet your fitness goal accordingly. In addition, it allows the integration of more than 50 apps and devices, making it easier for you to track your workout sessions across all the devices you use.

One of the many reasons we prefer My Fitness Pal is its massive food database that rarely misses out on any food regarding the calorie count. The app is majorly known for its calorie-count feature. You can also set a weight goal and feed in the weight you aim for; the app will do the nutrition math for you.

Availability: iOSAndroid


Only available on Apple Store, CARROT Fit has a witty yet realistic approach to fitness. This app has rewards for those who slack around a lot and are looking for a proper push to get you to work out. The app offers small rewards as intriguing as letting you watch a friend eat a bag of chips (not sure if you would want to), which is intended to rush your happy hormone and give you all the more motivation to do the workout again using the app.

You can also unlock numerous advanced features upon successfully completing your sessions. In addition, the app constantly monitors your progress and changes its demeanor according to your progress (yes, the app can sound mean and rude if it is unhappy with your progress).

Availability: iOS

4. Sworkit

Sworkit is a workout/exercise app packed with numerous handy features. The app has something for every person, from stretches to intense workout sessions. All the sessions and routines are highly customizable, allowing you to set parameters and goals yourself. The app is fully paid but has a decent number of features for a fitness app. It functions seamlessly and keeps a record of all your sessions as well.

Sworkit is also compatible with many other prominent fitness apps like Google Fit, MyFitnessPal, etc. However, this app does not keep up with your progress or fit it (this feature is quite common among fitness apps).

Availability: iOSAndroid

5. Map My Run

One of the highly-rated fitness apps on the App Store and Google Play Store, Map My Run is not your ordinary running app. Instead, the app lets you record a bunch of fitness activities such as running, cycling, workouts, and other forms of exercise. The app uses the GPS of your phone to track your miles. In addition, the app announces your speed while you run so that you can catch up or slow down if required. Although free, a decent number of features are only available in the paid package.

One of this app’s most exciting features is its integration with the Apple music app. You can play songs through the running app while you complete your running target.

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